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Artwork Title Released Format Price
Classic Remixes 14/11/2008 MP3
Greatest Hits 14/11/2008 MP3
Happy Nation  (U.S. Version) 14/07/2008 MP3
Singles of the 90s 14/07/2008 MP3
Flowers 14/07/2008 MP3
Da Capo 14/07/2008 MP3
The Bridge 14/07/2008 MP3

Singles / EPs

Artwork Title Released Format
Into the Night of Blue 19/12/2013 MP3
Lucky Love (The Remixes) 7/05/2012 MP3
Life Is a Flower (The Remixes) 7/05/2012 MP3
Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry (The Remixes) 7/05/2012 MP3
Everytime It Rains / C'est la vie (Always 21) (The Remixes) 7/05/2012 MP3
Don't Turn Around (The Remixes) 30/04/2012 MP3
Beautiful Life (The Remixes) 30/04/2012 MP3
Hallo Hallo (The Remixes) 30/04/2012 MP3
Cruel Summer (The Remixes) 23/04/2012 MP3
The Sign (The Remixes) 23/04/2012 MP3
Living in Danger (The Remixes) 23/04/2012 MP3
Happy Nation 16/04/2012 MP3
Whenever You're Near Me (The Remixes) 16/04/2012 MP3
All That She Wants (The Remixes) 16/04/2012 MP3
Travel to Romantis (The Remixes) 9/04/2012 MP3
Unspeakable (The Remixes) 9/04/2012 MP3
Wheel of Fortune (The Remixes) 9/04/2012 MP3
Wheel of Fortune  (2009) 24/10/2008 MP3