Make Me Believe in Hope

by Bright Light Bright Light

  • mp3  320 kbps / m4a  320 kbps
  • Released 4/06/2012 on The Blue Team / Aztec Records Ltd
What we said:
Some people might think it un-cool to reference Robin S or Crystal Waters, but that simply makes Rod Thomas’ up-to-the-minute take on ‘90s music invigorating by default. “Waiting For The Feeling” is a direct homage to house diva Alison Limerick, while “Immature” and “Grace” borrow production elements from vintage Björk. Add collaborations with Allison Pierce and Del Marquis of Scissor Sisters, plus an alluring contrast of euphoric riffs and ineffable melancholy, and you have the most exciting pop breakthrough of the year so far.

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