Latest Releases

Ryan Kirkland - Hurricane
The Purple Sandpiper - The Purple Sandpiper
The Bismuths - I Just Want to Be in Love
Guitar Jopará - Guitar Jopará
Sidonia Daniella - Consumed.
Johnny Black - Songs from a Broken Guitar (Deluxe Edition)
Marvin Powell - Dust of the Day
Johnny Black - Haunt My Heart
Jeff Bradbury - Blue Skies
The Song Tailors - You Are My Tribe (feat. Milla Devilliers)
Ninette Coghlan - Pull the Cord
Heroes Music Project - Eye of the Storm (Song for Survivors)
Mandy Patinkin - Wandering Boy / From the Air
Solfrid - Kjerringrock
Marigo Bay - Fairytale
State Cows - Human Ladders
Stone Poets - The Great Divide
After Blue - Change of Weather
Ria Arora - Put Your Love on Paper
Ninette Coghlan - Quicksand
Kevin Hubley - Stay a While
Steve Bevis - The Dust Sings
Van-Anh Nguyen & Ronee Martin - Virtuoso Meets Soul